Vans Off The Wall

Vans is a shoe and fashion brand active in action sports and music.

We’ve been doing events for this brand since 2011, with a focus on “Custom Culture”: designing the events for all EU countries and tailoring the set ups for each occasion, as well as designing the goodies and activities. During these years we’ve managed events in all of Europe, travelling to Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto, Bilbao, Salinas, Viveiro, Santander, Valencia and Seville planning their events.

We’ve worked side by side with them in projects ranging from flyer design and video production to community management and event coordination, along with some app and web app development. The results have been very successful: you can check on Instagram the hashtags #vansclassicandbilbao, #vansclassicandsalinas, #vansresu and #vansbbklive to see some of the crowds’ response.

Date 2011 - Now
Client Vans
Category Consulting Events