We tryed to remain
artists once we grew up

Our work is going to fill a large part of our life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what we believe is great work.

And the only way to do great work is to love what we do

Vans Off The Wall

For the past three years we’ve been doing events for Vans, coordinating practically everything, along with asset design and installations

Case Study

Movistar Innovation Space

Ferrán Adrias Innovation Space by Movistar is an interactive installation that explains all the creative process of Ferran an en elBulli restaurants. We've been responsible for the developing of the installations and microsites.

Case Study

iLine Microsystems

We've been iLine's agency and therefore responsible for the design and development of their brand, packaging, photography, stand graphics, website etc...

Case Study

El Ganso

For the opening of their second store in London, El Ganso commissioned us to do a very impressive installation. We came up with an iPad app that worked while the customers ran a bicycle. To see it in detail, check the case study and the video.

Case Study

Mind The Social Gap

Mind is a NYC based and fashion brand. It is socially responsible, and all their products are manufactured in Europe respecting the environment. We created the whole the brand and have been assisting them with the product design and manufacturing process.

Case Study

Vodafone Interactives

For the past years, we've been working with the Vodafone agency as developers for many of their interactive assets as microsites and instalations for events.

Case Study


For the opening of Carhartt’s shop in Bilbao we were asked to do something a bit different, so we projected images on the shop’s irregular walls while DJs mixed music live for the guests to dance to.


Ortiz-Vigón is one of the best dental clinics in northern Spain. Located in the best part of the city, it uses only the best quality materials to treat it’s clients. They commissioned us with creating their whole corporate identity, which meant designing everything from their business cards to their dentists uniforms.


Ingeteam is an engineering company who actively promotes itself in fairs and expos. We developed in collaboration with Andtonic agency the apps they use in these events, which they also deploy to showcase their products in a more visual way.


At the car exhibition venue in Madrid, Ford wished to stand out from the other car brands so we set up giant screens inside the fair. On them, users could play small games in which they could win a number of prizes.


Rael-Neigor used to be a materials distributor, but once it got passed on to the next generation of the family it transformed into a decoration business. In order to do this, they came to us so we could create a new brand orienteered towards creativity.


Converse turned to us when they decided to do something special with their shop windows. We created an interactive window in collaboration with Waskman agency display that was open to passersby that wanted to unleash their creativity painting a Converse graffiti without committing an offense.


In the middle of the augmented reality boom, we jumped on board this trend and developed an app and an installation for different clients taking advantage of this technology. In this video you'll see an augmented reallity installation we made in collaboration with Andtonic agency in NYC



From the very start Taslab has been profoundly linked to music. In our beginnings we worked with local music bands, but as we grew, so did the scope of out activities and we have collaborated with bands worldwide.

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